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  • 100% User Friendly
  • One Click Install & Fully Automated
  • Target Your Audience using Multiple Profiles
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Affordable Price


  • Built as Chrome extension
  • Need to watch Tutorials for better results

 Build A Highly Targeted Audience On Facebook 100% FREE

The Audience Toolkit is a Chrome extension and will work on Google Chrome for both PC and Mac. And It is not limited to one specific business or niche. It can be used across multiple profiles for multiple businesses, systems and offers.

Features That Audience Toolkit (Simple Social Tools review) Offers

  • No More Wasting Countless Hours Daily
  • Turn Your Social Profile Into A Lead Machine
  • Skyrocket Your Messages & Engagement
  • Build Laser Targeted Audiences In Any Niche
  • 10x Your Results With Dynamic Personalized Messages
  • And More…

Do Other Marketers Know Something That You Don’t Know?

  • Social Media Is A Numbers Game
  • Quickly Eliminate Non-Responsive Friend Requests
  • Build Instant Authority & Influence
  • Unlock the 5000K Friends Limit
  • Efficiency is an Art Worth Perfecting

Build A Laser Targeted & Responsive Audience

  • Quickly Add 5000 Friends
  • Only Takes A Few Minutes Of Your Time
  • Build Your Audience While You Sleep
  • A Targeted Audinece Is An Engaged Audience
  • Activity Drives Results And Produces Sales

Automated Your Messages & Broadcasts

  • Dynamic & Automated Personalized Messages
  • Quickly Connect With New Engaged Friends
  • Filter By Date Range & Timestamps
  • Filter / Skip Messages To Specific Contacts
  • Ultimate Leveraged Features

And Also …

  • Auto-Like Profile, Groups and Newsfeed Posts
  • Like Up To 100 Post On Auto-Pilot
  • Make The Algorithim Work For You
  • Gain Immediate Influence With Your Audience
  • Engaged Leverage Is The New Trend…

Automatically Remove Unwanted & Unresponsive Contacts

  • One Click Request Cancellations
  • Save Tons of Time
  • Cancel Up To 1000 Friend Requests With One Click
  • Avoid Hitting Limits That Stop Your Networking
  • Works In The Background While You Network


The average user spends approximately 2 hours on Social Media interacting with others each day.

As For entrepreneurs  they spend approximately 4 hours on the same Social Media platforms each day.

But Audience Toolkit user spends about 1 hour a day interacting with the most qualified prospects.

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