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  • 100% user friendly,& Training section access
  • Multi-features platform
  • Support in less than 24h
  • 100% Fully Cloud-based App
  • 4 premium Bonuses for the price of one


  • Warning! This Price ISN’T Going To (and CAN’T!) Last Forever!

What is BotEngage and why do you need it?

A Revolutionary ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEBot Technology That Converts Passive Prospects Into SALES and LEADS…All Completely On Autopilot.

For the first time ever, you will be able to leverage 3 new Bot technology that has not been launched before; In-page bot, Modalbot, VideoBot and the conventional regular chatbot to generate more qualified leads from website visitors.

The highest performing products in JVZoo history have achieved their success because they launched the right product at the right time.

We know that Botengage is the product that your customers are crying out for right now. It’s A First To Market Solution, Allowing You To Create Engagement-boosting, Lead-getting Custom Bots In Just A Few Clicks.


InpageBots are like secret ninja on your page. Just waiting to grab new leads as faster than a crouching tiger! 

Inpage bots blend in as a natural part of your website content and efficiently convert visitors into leads as they fit seamlessly into the content flow and don’t interrupt or annoy the user


ModalBot :

Humans LOVE interactivity. We can’t resist it. And with modalbots, visitors can’t help but engage with what you have to offer. They take your prospects from passive to active – without them even realizing its happening to them. It’s a bit like being hypnotized. They can’t help but become more actively involved with your content and take action – and half the time they won’t even realize why…It was modalbot all along. Boost your interactivity with modalbots and your conversions boost automatically.


We all know video is one of the most engagement-boosting medium online. Capture those visually stimulated visitors with videobots. Botengage empowers you to build choice-based interactive video experiences in just minutes with our simple drag-and-drop tool. Connect your videos, link out to additional content, add call-to-actions, captions, and so much more — all without having to write a single row of code!


Turning Passive Visitors Into Engaged Paying Buyers Every Time

With Unlimited Chatbots And Awesome Automations.

All Ready To Use. Straight Out Of The Box.

To be More specific :

  • Make More E-commerce And Physical Product Sales.
  • Sell Your Services More Successfully.
  • Sell More Info and Software Products.
  • Improve Your Affiliate Promotions.
  • Grow Your Subscriber List With Opt-ins And Lead Magnets.

All These Help You Profit MORE.

With Your Included, UNLIMITED Commercial Licence.


  • Q: Is the price recurring?
  • Q: Can I profit off this for clients?
  • Q: How many engagement bots can I create?
  • Q: Are Botengage bots easy to create?
  • Q: Do I need any coding experience or tech skills?
  • Q: Do I have to pay to host anything?
  • Q: Does Botengage work on both Windows and Mac?
  • Q: Are support and updates included?

The Answer to these questions is in the product sales page

visit the sales page here

Earlybird Information:

There will be an early bird discount price of $52 until 8pm EST and then the price will increase to $67 with a coupon 15off to take it back to the original price, then the price will go up again during the launch and at the end of the launch.

Conclusion :

These are a few of the unconventional mind blowing features in BotEngage… to say the least Beta Testers are overwhelmed with the possibilities built into this all-in-one bot technology.

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