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This is a complete review of Raiid, the recently released automated affiliate marketing software by Mark Bishop, Ventaka Ramana and Nakul N. In this review you will discover the good, bad and ugly of Raiid. And you’ll discover if the software will really enable you to make regular Clickbank affiliate commissions on complete autopilot.

Can Raiid really make affiliate commissions on complete autopilot?

raid review

Let’s get into it…

What is Raiid?

Raiid is a cloud based software that claims to automate the entire affiliate marketing journey from content creation, to inserting your affiliate link, to driving traffic.

I say ‘claims’ because Raiid doesn’t do everything for you. You still have to select the product you wish to promote and add relevant keywords to push Raiid’s content creator in the right direction. But admittedly, as far as affiliate marketing goes, this is pretty much as automated as it gets.

Essentially Raiid builds Clickbank affiliate hubs (CBA Hubs for short) automatically. CBA Hubs are essentially web platforms that are filled with Raiid generated content with your affiliate links. Raiid even hosts these CBA Hubs for you, so there are no additional costs involved.

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Is Raiid a scam?

Raiid is a genuine, working, affiliate marketing software.

Raiid does deliver what it promises. The amount of money you can make with the software will depend on how much you use the software. Because you do click a few buttons in Raiid every time you want the software to post content on your CBA Hub and automatically drive traffic to it. So you’ll have to do this regularly to maximise your earnings (admittingly, it doesn’t take long).

How much money can you make with Raiid?

As I have alluded to above, that depends how much you use it. If you were to use Raiid once, create one CBA Hub in 1 niche with 1 piece of content, you are likely to make an affiliate sale here and there. On the other hand, if you’re diving into several niches and instructing Raiid to create content regularly, you will make more money.

The truth is, you should use Raiid as much as you need to in order to reach your goals. If you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash with minimal work, give it 20 minutes per week to jump on and create more content for your CBA Hub. If you want to make more sales, give it 20 minutes per day. The software drastically reduces the amount of work required to succeed as an affiliate, so you don’t need to dedicate much time to it. But the more time you do dedicate, the more money you will make.


Raiid is the most hands off affiliate marketing solution that I’ve found and it will enable you to make sales doing almost nothing.

As an affiliate marketer who has done all of these steps manually in the past, I can 100% see the value in Raiid. Kudos to Mark, Venkata and Nakul for putting together a product that does almost all of the work for you.

Raiid has only just launched and the guys are running a special offer, so I would highly advise you take a look for yourself to see if Raiid will help you to meet your goals.

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raid review

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