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 Unlock the 50 pack of everything to Build

Profitable Funnels,

Beautiful Membership Sites

and Advanced Email Marketing

50 DFY Funnels – sent right to your Kyvio account
50 DFY Lead Magnets – ready to download
50 DFY Pro Products – upload into your Smart Membership area
150 DFY Emails – 3 emails per funnel, add them to your Smart Mailer
Drip-fed every week for the next 365 Days! No overwhelm
Proven to convert funnels – see samples further below

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50 DFY Funnels sent right to your Kyvio account

When you get the Kyvio Treasure Trove, you will unlock 100 uniquely created funnels that can make money as soon as you are ready to tell people about it.

Each funnel is a 2-step funnel, containing 3 pages:

  • A high-converting optin page
  • Stylish thank you + sales page hybrid
  • A simple and effective final thank you page

The entire funnel is integrated with PayPal and all you need to do is put in your PayPal email address and start collecting money. Of course – you can also hook up stripe, or Jvzoo, or Clickbank or any other network supported within Kyvio.

50 DFY Lead Magnets ready to download

Now I will assume that you have some kind of knowledge expertise. Which is awesome.

So what if you get  100 of  lead magnets that will help you build a list?

Imagine – if just one of these lead magnets generates ONE new lead a month. That’s 30 leads a day…

With 100 of these – you could be generating 3,000 new leads EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

How cool is that? … read more on the Creator’s website

50 DFY Pro Products ready to sell and monetize

 you probably don’t have time to create ALL the products EVERY single week, right?

…or maybe you just don’t want to and would rather take the shortcutread more on the Creator’s website

 ” If within the next 30 days, you feel the 100 funnels, 100 done for you lead magnets, 100 done for you products and 300 done for you emails are not good enough – just let us know. We’ll refund your money in full. We may ask for feedback, but we don’t want to hold onto your money if we cannot impress you.”

Neil Napier

so It’s 30 day Money back guarantee

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