Earn More selling Products

As digital product creators, we all want to:

1. Sell online
2. Set up sales funnels
3. Recruit affiliates to help sell our products

These 3 lead to considerable profits.

There is, however, a missing piece to maximize your profit potential.

4. Send hyper-relevant emails to customers and subscribers

based on how they respond (if open email then do this; if click email link then do that; if have purchased $x worth of offers then do this, etc)

Only when all 4 are connected and implemented, profits are maximized. We’re talking about doubling, tripling, and quadrupling your profits.

Sadly, most email autoresponders can’t do #4.

All they can do is send emails at pre-determined intervals (day 1 do this, day 2 do this) and that’s it.

It’s linear. You can’t send CERTAIN emails to CERTAIN individuals based on how they respond to your previous emails. And you also can’t send CERTAIN emails to CERTAIN individuals based on how they respond to your previous offers… because these email autoresponders don’t have shopping cart capabilities — which means they don’t have your customers’ purchase data.

Their system was built years ago and doesn’t take into account how internet users interact with email today which hurts your open rates, clicks, and profits.

This is the era of Smart Email Marketing… email marketing 3.0

Smart Email Marketing Automation means sending hyper-relevant emails to the correct audience at the proper frequency based on how they respond.

This results in deeper engagement, satisfaction, and personal connection, which means more profits for you and higher lifetime customer value.

If you’re still using the old way of doing email marketing like most email autoresponders do… you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

And each day you’re not doing something about it while your competitors ARE switching to Smart Email Marketing means you will be left behind very soon.

This tool solves all the problems above:


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